commemoration of disbelief

When we watch a film or, dare I say it, read a novel, there is an implicit expectation that we should or will undertake a suspension of disbelief if necessary (i.e. depending on the genre). We do this in order to free ourselves to get the message and to enjoy the story. But that is for fiction, and in an unreal storybook world almost all things are possible. But we live in the real world, and in America these days it seems there are a fair amount of people who are engaged in somewhat the converse, that is, the commemoration of disbelief. To some small or large extent this is related to the celebration of mediocrity sweeping the nation these days. But it is more than that too. This commemoration can be seen in the denial of climate change (and here), of evolution, and in the political arena, the myths about President Obama (and here), health care and in the schizoid way in which we both extol and disregard (or pervert) the US Constitution, a.k.a. My Country Right or Wrong. Okay. There’s a whole lotta grist in there for my blog mill for other times…

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